Material: stainless,copper











1,Unique and beautiful appearance;


2,Have 4 holes to adjust the airflow;

3,The elastic electrode can be used and matched free,will not cause poor contact phenomenon; 

4,No fiber rope inside,will more healthy

5,large smoking


6,The coil head can be replaced


User manual


1,Grasp the glass chamber and base by your hands,let them separated by counterclockwise twisted(as per Graphic 2);

2,Let the glass chamber upside down,filling along the inner wall of the glass tube(the e-liquid can’t exceed the hole in the middle) as the Graphic 2;

3,When finished filling,keep the glass chamber still inverted and let the base(with coil head on it) upside down(as per Graphic 2),then press the base to

make the silicone completely embedded into the glass tube,and then clockwise tighten and start to smoking;

4,If you want to replace the coil head,please according to the Graphic 3;






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