double coils double wicks atomizer performance

Double coils Double wicks atomizer

The latest and greatest from KRT, the ViVi Nova Tank system offers a completely rebuildable tank with interchangeable atomizer heads,Double wicks and double cartomizer

1. Liquid leakage free system
Just image when you use your vapor , it’s very bad for the e liquid leakage from the atomizer thread on you hands.it will spoiled your nice mood.on this occasion, you may not like your vapor any more or will threw it away and to try another new atomizer with liquid leakage free system.so this is very important for the atomizer.With the development of electronic cigarettes.the Manufacturers work out Liquid leakage free system atomizer.(including double coils double wicks atomizer)

2. Dual Changeable heads clear atomizers system
The wicks on these atomizer heads are long. Some people say they get better flavor from shorter wicks. You can always trim down your wicks to your desired length.The wicks were bake for 1500 degrees centigrade .this is the good way to ensure the quality!

 double coils double wicks atomizer performancedouble coils double wicks atomizer feature
3. No burning taste, strong throat hit and big vapor
Compare with ordinary VIVI NOVA e cigarette the new VIVINOVA ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE has a oil capacity of 3.0ML, a strong driving force resulting from the double heating wire with dual lead wick. Dual parallel heating wire device, which greatly reduces the heating wire resistance, strengthens and enhances the smoke effect. At the same time using a special heating wire material that is never burnt.. After high temperature (above 1500) baking of guide wick, it puts an end to the burning smell and produces the excellence taste.

4. Low resistor value and liquid capacity
Holding at least 1.6ml of eJuice the Atomizer will provide you the convenience of all add day vape with different resistance heads, Adjustable resistance (1.6-3.0ohms)

5. thread compliant
510 thread compliant,Match to All Ego series:Ego T,Ego W,Ego C,Ego LCD,Ego twist

6.Colorful for customer to choose.
Have 7 seven colors :(grey,white,green,yellow,red,purple,blue),have attached a picture for reference. Now days so many atomizer has Double coils Double wicks, the model name is:K2 CE4+ Dual coil atomizer; vivi nova atomizer;K3 T2 dual coil atomizer.

colorful dual coils double wicks atomizer corclorful atomizer

We hope this article helps you to know well about Double coils Double wicks atomizer. Enjoy your Vaporing life!!!


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