What are constant voltage and variable voltage in electronic cigarettes ?

What are constant voltage and variable voltage in electronic cigarettes ?

Electronic cigarettes have received lots of popularity ever since they were introduced in the market several years ago. Many smokers have effectively left the tobacco cigarette butt in favour of these new and advanced devices.

E cigarettes have certain benefits over their traditional rivals, which makes them a better substituted to tobacco cigarettes.

The main difference between a traditional cigarette and an electronic one is the smoke factor.constant voltage and variable voltage in electronic cigarettes

While traditional cigarettes produce smoke, e cigarettes emit a vapor. The smoke is known to contain thousands of harmful chemicals that play a major role in causing cancer and many other lung-related diseases.

E cigarettes, on the other hand, are free from smoke, meaning that these chemicals are kept at bay. In addition, e cigarettes can be smoked anywhere as they will not cause an issue to non-smokers as there is no tar or smell. Smokers prefer e cigarettes over traditional ones because of the variety of flavors they can choose from.

What are constant voltage e cigarettes?

E cigarettes with constant voltage means it is invariable in the e cigarette output voltage.As everyone knows ,even the amount of vapour produced will depend on how the voltage is adjusted. A constant voltage e-cigarette, meanwhile, uses a constant current to heat the device. There is no alteration in voltage, which means that the amount of vapour and heat produced will not change.

What are variable voltage e cigarettes?

E cigarettes with variable voltage are those in which you can change the output voltage. There are a few ways in which the voltage can be adjusted. For instance, you must press the button that adjusts the voltage first. Then rotate the potentiometer to adjust its resistance and finally rotate the encoder so that the digital pulse signal’s outputs are changed.

What’s the advantage a variable e cigarette ?

The main benefit of a variable voltage e-cigarette over a regular one is that the adjustment of voltage output can be done based on your own personal preferences. You can decide how much heat and vapour you want, and adjust the e-cigarette to produce exactly that much.

Having the option of reducing or increasing the voltage output is helpful for the e cigarette atomizer and the battery because it can achieve a significantly improved performance from the two. Variable voltage e cig is considered a better option by many e-cigarette smokers because you can decide how much voltage you want to use, control the heat and vapour, and eventually reduce smoking as much.

Of course ,so far it is appeared of an idea in your mind :I will certainly get the variables in the shop .constant voltage and variable voltage in electronic cigarettes

Why Should we will buy the variable-voltage e cigarette?

If you’re a current electronic cigarette user and you occasionally feel tempted to return to smoking because your current e-cigarette doesn’t deliver quite the cigarette vapor and flavour you want, you are the ideal candidate for variable-voltage vaping.
However, increased performance isn’t the only reason to buy a variable-voltage device.

Because variable-voltage devices hold much larger batteries than standard e-cigarettes, they can also help you avoid the untimely battery deaths that happen all too often with smaller devices.

If your e cigarette is the same size and shape as a real cigarette, it has a battery capacity of about 90 mAh. You can use it for around an hour before the electronic cigarette batteries dies.
Variable-voltage electronic cigarettes are large enough to hold batteries with capacities of 650 mAh and higher; for many people, that’s enough for a full day of vaping or more.

The second item to consider is the fact that variable-voltage devices are some of the safest electronic cigarettes available.

The intelligent micro processors in variable-voltage devices prevent you from using them in unsafe ways. With a well-designed device, you can’t insert the battery in reverse,
discharge the battery to an unsafe level, hold the activation button long enough to cause overheating or operate at a voltage too high for the connected
e cigarette atomizer or cartomiser .

In all of these conditions, the device displays an error code, adjusts the voltage level to compensate or simply shuts off.
In addition, variable-voltage e cigarettes use high-quality batteries with cells produced by reputable companies such as Sanyo and Sony batteries that won’t overheat or fail, even during your heaviest vaping sessions.


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