How Electronic cigarette works


How Electronic cigarette works

Electronic cigarette smoke output is controlled by the high-tech silicon chip and airflow sensor and work status, nicotine is atomized into fine particles containing nicotine and flavor solution atomization absorbed through the lungs, and spit simulate smoke.

What is Sensor definition

Sensor definition is: "can feel the specified measurement devices or devices that convert the available signal in accordance with the law, usually by sensitive components and conversion element".Sensor is a detection means, can feel the information to be measured, and can detect the feel of the information is converted into an electrical signal according to certain rules, or other desired forms of information output to meet the information transmission, processing, storage,display , recording and control requirements. It is the most important part of the automatic detection and automatic control  e cigarette atomizer.

When begin how Sensor definition works

Inhale, in the sensor, high-speed air stream is formed, the air flow sensor sensing the human oral suction, thereby triggering the airflow sensor switch, so that the flow-sensing switch to open, the product began to enter the working state. Central processing unit through the calculations and measurements, to control an execution unit to work, the nebulizer by the central control unit, and according to the degree of oral suction to achieve a different degree of atomization.

How Sensor definition works at the end

Stop breathing the air flow sensor disappear, airflow sensor switch is turned off, the central processor to stop working, atomizer stopped working,  the e cigarette front of the green indicator goes out

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