How to choose electronic cigarette

How to choose electronic cigarette?

1,The amount of smoke huge vapor, steady

2,the life of battery


4,flavor(the e-liquid flavor similar with cigarette)


1,:The amount of smoke, all the e cigarette,The electronic cigarette the structure design, air inlet and air flow channel.excellent design can  ensure hug vapor.the second can ensure huge vapor for steady.The quality of atomizer.The function of the atomizer is atomizing. Atomizer is the core component of electronic cigarettes,One good electronic cigarettes, must be a good atomizer guarantee.  atomizer which were made in Shenzhen is the best one.

2,The life of battery. Battery related to atomizer,Liquid atomization need a lot of energy, so the length of the battery life is a measure of electronic cigarette is good standard.

3,The appearance of e cigarette. A good product, its appearance and relaxed, design closely, delicate work, can give a person a kind of pleasant feeling, help to quit smoking

4,The flavor. Now the main flavor is Marlboro,According to the original is evidently. Flavor of electronic cigarette has defects, not for the domestic adjustment smoke fluid taste, appear behind what the taste, in fact is monkey. As the marlboro taste closer to the true smoke. And mint taste and tobacco, fruit flavors general woman is preferred

5,Production origin. The quality of electronic cigarettes are can’t compare With Shenzhen e cigarette, the Shenzhen Electronic cigarettes origin as a veteran of foreign trade, and its products are mainly exported to Europe and the United States. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed. Behind the emergence of a lot of products in Wenzhou, a family workshop production, to go the cheap route, in order to capture the market, the customers reflect the quality is really poor. But for the domestic market, perhaps cheap is always right. However, when you pay the freight costs, shopping costs, mood cost, the effect of cost - cheap is always wrong.


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